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 May 31, 2004

BCDM: German Full-Size CD-ROM
Mark: The technical support section of the old, pre-Metru Nui mentioned a full-size promotional CD-ROM in the same sentence as the original 2001 TOA Mini CD-ROM discs, but it took me years to actually find one. Here it is, part number 4158851, "Bionicle Promotion CD, 1.00, International."

There is nothing here on the CD that is not on the smaller Mini CD-ROMs included with the TOA. I have not shown the setup screen image before though, so here it is:

Click To Enlarge

All of the interesting stuff is in German on the slipcase. I took German classes for years and years and years and I still don't understand it, but here is my translation anyway.

A Myth beyond Time and Space.

Six Heroes rise against an evil Power.

Discover the Secret.

Become Part of the Legend

Discover the Secrets of the CD and start winning big BIONICLE-Prizes.

1st Prize: Travel for 4 persons in the LEGO hot-air balloon.

2nd Prize: A party with your friends with a value of approximately DM 500.

3rd Prize: A BIONICLE surprise package.

4th-10th Prizes: A BIONICLE Outfit (T-Shirt and Cap).

11th-66th Prizes: A BIONICLE cap.

Simply install the CD on your PC and immerse yourself in the Legend.

Answer the questions on the reply card and win great LEGO Prizes.

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