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 May 17, 2004

Showdown In My Mailbox
Mark: DC Comics' BIONICLE® METRU NUI Comic 18, "SHOWDOWN," follows the story of the TOA METRU as they seek out the Morbuzakh. But that story, while ultimately satisfying, is not the story. Instead, the VAHKI all steal the limelight, including the two on the back.

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These are the two VAHKI, NUURAKH and BORDAKH, that are now available for backorder as a kit on LEGO® Shop At Home. (Incidentally, the pictures are now online there too.) "Not Available in Stores Until June!" trumpets the back page.

On the inside back cover, we discover that the VAHKI will include a KANOKA Card for use at the KANOKA Club. In addition, since each VAHKI includes a disk, there should also be a valid disk code for use at the KANOKA Club. No word yet on whether VAHKI KANOKA will have unique codes or not.

There is some good news about BIONICLE returning to Comic-Con this year, July 22-25 at the San Diego Convention Center. Check out the bylines on that page!

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That page also lets us know that the winners of the LEGO BIONICLE Rahi Building Challenge will receive their prize notifications by mail by June 30. If you have not entered that contest yet, it is too late. But there is still time for you to enter our own Bug Week! Contest.

The centerfold spread belongs to the VAHKI too. There you will find each VAHKI's name, Metru, "Command Code", equipment, and attributes. All seem to share the motto: "Surrender Or Run."

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The last thing to show you from the comic is the full-page advertisement for the upcoming BIONICLE 2 movie.

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