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 May 13, 2004

The Mousetrap

I can't remember what I was doing when I made this discovery, but one day I noticed that a KAKAMA and PAKARI posed back-to-back made an excellent mouth. Coincidentally, silver copies look very similar in shape to the mouths of the modern animated Mouser Droids. A HAU thrown in completes the back of the head, and leaves just enough room for the single glowing eye on top. The torso is entirely scratch-built, and the entire design has limited posability. The legs are ball-jointed, but the hips don't rotate (it's a bit nose-heavy, so fully articulated hips wouldn't hold up over time). The head is mounted to the body by a neck consisting of two separate poles, so the head can pivot a tiny bit, but the KANOHI pop off pretty easily, so it's more useful when posing it for display than for play. Still, the slight angle to the head, combined with the walking pose, makes it look like this little beastie has just spotted something its own distorted standards, of course. My only regret is that it's way too big compared to the rest of the characters, especially the Turtles.

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