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Who is your favorite Toa?


 May 11, 2004

The Goofball

This is the one that really determined whether I could make an entire TMNT series, or just Donatello. I really didn't want to have nunchaku tethers that were bent at a sharp angle, or really thick. Since I'd bought a couple of Destroyer Droid sets for spare parts, I ended up with a small stock of brown rubber hoses (this is where I got the inspiration for the belt design), and one of the two lengths ended up being perfectly sized for nunchaku, if somewhat difficult to attach. They actually extend all the way through the visible portions of the nunchaku handles, and they're actually the only thing holding the orange sections on. I wanted it to look like his left hand was gripping both handles, so I built it around a straightened section of paper-clip, and then bent it in half. The one tucked under his right arm, on the other hand, is just held there by the springiness of the hose.

When posing him, I opted for a flying kick. Yeah, he looks a little goofy because of the short stubby legs (hey, if they made basic green TOA legs...), but I'd already done one kicking and one jumping, so I figured it only made sense to have one doing both.

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