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 May 11, 2004

Mark: The RAHKSHI Mini CD-ROMs were distributed in only some of the RAHKSHI canisters. You had to search carefully to get these CDs. To add to the confusion, with the exception of VORAHK, the staff printed on each disc did not correspond to the RAHKSHI with which it was packed. This disc (part number 4204559) came with KURAHK, contains information about KURAHK, but shows LERAHK's staff.

Each RAHKSHI disc opens with a movie of the RAHKSHI zipping about in a place of many mysterious columns, causing havoc most everywhere. Later, TAKANUVA wanders into the same place and looks around. The main screen on this disc offers looks at TAKANUVA and KURAHK. If you click on KURAHK, you can explore his staff, find out more about the KRAATA, spin a 3-D model, or watch a KURAHK-specific movie where KURAHK demonstrates how RAHKSHI fly. From the main menu, there are also wallpaper images available on the disc:

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As a bonus for anyone who goes to the trouble of reading each of these every day, I have included a picture from TAKANUVA's movie. Each of the RAHKSHI movies and TAKANUVA's movie can be considered to be part of one larger movie where TAKANUVA is exploring the columns and ambushed by all six of the RAHKSHI. The movie does not fit into any of the canonical storyline.

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