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 May 8, 2004

Have An Assimilated Night

Okay, so I've only got two right now, and I don't really have any plans to make more, but there's a reason I made two. When I made the first Borg, I was thinking back to the old Playmates action figures. One of the coolest features they had was that each one came with a bunch of extra hands and arms so you could swap them out and make a bunch of different Borg using a small variety of action figures (I vaguely remember there being three generic Borg, plus two specific characters). Instead of just building the original Borg Warrior, I actually made four interchangable arms. Along with a very standard arm, I also made a gun arm, a maintenace arm, and a heavy utility arm. The Borg Warrior got the gun arm and the basic arm, which left the maintenace and heavy utility arms to make a second Borg.

I'd wanted to make one arm using the old THROWBOT shoulder socket, and the maintenace arm is the result. It has two prongs which are used to generate an electrical arc for welding or self-defense, a sensor package that can be used to read a wide variety of energy signatures, and a long-range communications link.

The heavy utility arm is a lot more basic in purpose, but it's easily the coolest of the four arms. Not only can the fingers close on something smaller than the beam he's shown with, but the arm can bend at the elbow and the forearm can rotate 360 degrees, thanks to the click joints developed for the TECHNIC Super Battle Droid.

The first Borg had red and blue lights because the only spare transparent pieces I had for the actual gun were trans-dark blue, but this is more the color scheme that I'd originally planned for it, with trans-red and trans-green accents.

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