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 May 7, 2004

BCDM: The Beginning
Mark: The Golden CD (as I call it) was the first BIONICLE Mini CD-ROM to be openly distributed. It was included with the 2001 LEGO Toy Fair Showroom invitation. One of these invitations sold recently on eBay for fifty-six British Pounds (about $100 US at the time) to a buyer in Switzerland. That is a bit of a homecoming for the CD, as it was originally manufactured in Baar, Switzerland.

Curiously, the Golden CD shares its part number (4156338) with a black-and-white version. This is the only CD-ROM you will see this month that I know I don't currently have in my personal collection. I do have the black-and-white version though, so assuming they have the same content, here is what you would find on the CD:

The CD does not really have any games. It is mostly informational. For example, it explains the whole BIONICLE legend of Mata Nui through the use of animated CGI rocks.

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Each of the six original TOA CGI movies are on this disc. There is also a movie of Onua assembling himself. This was a preview of the never-released BIONICLE: Legend of Mata Nui PC CD-ROM game.

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