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 May 4, 2004

Interview: Cartoon Network SST Grand Prize Winner
Mark: You are looking at Chase, the Grand Prize Winner of the Cartoon Network's "Search For The Seventh Toa" Contest, held two weekends in October of last year. He is holding the one-of-a-kind PLATINUM AVOHKII MASK OF LIGHT. Here is Chase's story in his own words:

    My name is Chase. Im 12 years old, but I was 11 when I won the Mask of Light contest. When I started dialing the number to enter the contest, I probably had to hit the redial button about 20 times before someone came on the line. First they asked if I could hold, then they came back and said, Congratulations, youve won 2nd prize! They took my personal information like name, age, address and said I would receive the 2nd prize, which was a Rahkshi BIONICLE (set) in about 6 weeks. By being a 2nd prize winner I was automatically entered to win the grand prize.

    A few weeks went by and I actually forgot about the grand prize. (I thought I wouldnt have much of a chance). But then on Oct 22, a lady called from the Cartoon Network prize center, and told my mom that I was the grand prize winner!. All my mom and I could say was, oh my gosh - over and over again. We were so excited!

    Before the contest, I did like BIONICLE, but not as much as some others I know. A lot of people at my school were angry or jealous that I had won. A few were happy for me. I gave some prizes away as gifts to the kids I knew would appreciate them.

    The first prize to arrive (after the BIONICLE I won as 2nd place) was the 36 TV. That was great because our other TV was really old and not working well. We needed a new TV really bad. Then the rest of the prizes came together in one big box. It took about 8 weeks in all.

    Besides the mask, which is really cool of course, my favorite prize would be the TV and DVD player. I dont display the mask because I keep it locked up in a safe place. I plan on keeping it, but may later sell if the right offer comes along.

    Id like to thank both Lego & Cartoon Network for their great contests & prizes.


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