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 May 2, 2004

Mark: As you would expect, the Mini CD-ROM included with the European TOA NUJU set is the Great Disk of Ko-Metru. The disc contains the same program that you can download from the KANOKA Club if you have entered a code from a NUJU KANOKA Card, with some differences.

Like the TOA VAKAMA disc, this program opens up with Mata Nui transforming into Metru Nui and then gives a sneak-peek of the NUJU video that is also on Also like the TOA VAKAMA disc, there is the same slide-show explaning how the TOA METRU must seek the six missing MATORAN to find the six Great Disks. Of course, TOA NUJU is standing by the slide show instead of VAKAMA.

I wrote yesterday that all of the characters move on the VAKAMA disc, but this is the disc you want if you want to see moving MATORAN. The Ko-Metru Chute Station is a very busy place, with MATORAN constantly walking in and out of the scene.

As before, the goal of the program is to find the missing MATORAN. This time of course it is NUJU looking for EHRYE. You are met with similar challenges, including two more "8 Puzzles" and the usual round of Pick-Up Sticks. There are two new challenges here though.

The first new challenge is a simple "Find The Correct Code" puzzle to fix the chute controls. There are twenty-seven possible configurations of the chute controls, and only one of them is correct. The second new challenge is a "Simon"-type sequence memorization game. Lights flash in order, and you have to click on the buttons in the same order.

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