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 April 30, 2004

TOA Euro Keep Their Cool
Mark: As you may already know, the European release of the TOA METRU canisters is slightly different from the North American cans. Instead of a KANOKA Card, web codes are distributed on the sleeves of the canisters. The codes are revealed by placing the cans into the freezer for ten minutes. The codes range from three digits to six digits and work at the KANOKA Club just like any other. I don't know if any of the three-digit codes overlap the KANOKA address space or not.

In addition to the Webcode, the Euro sleeve sports one other obvious difference: a Mini CD-ROM logo.

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As many long-time readers will recall, I am somewhat obsessed with the BIONICLE CD-ROMs. Therefore, I am taking this opportunity to launch a month-long salute to the BIONICLE CD-ROMs, starting tomorrow. The TOA METRU Mini CD-ROMs will start us off, but I promise you a surprise later in the month that you won't want to miss.

Thanks go to my good friend James for helping me acquire the European TOA METRU.

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