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 April 28, 2004

A TOA To Keep You In Stitches
Mark: MoD reader Ashbear570 has sent to us her cross-stitch creation Shulanuva, the "Toa of Shadow" with "a good sense of humour," according to the note that accompanied her. This scan does not do her justice. The silver and purple threads are metallic and shimmer quite nicely when viewed up-close and in person.

Ashbear570 sent along photocopies of several other cross-stitched pictures derived from BIONICLE sets and the Mask of Light movie. In particular, she sent along individual images of four of the TOA NUVA and an impressive bigger piece which features TAKUA and JALLER riding on PEWKU. Forum Link

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Shulanuva Cross-stitch MOC by Ashbear570

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