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 April 24, 2004

Bug Week! Part VII
Mark: The Amphibug lives in the coastal waters of Ga-Wahi. Known colloquially as "the Anklebiter" for its tendency to nip at the lower legs of wading Ga-Matoran, the Amphibug is believed to be the larval form of some much larger creature. Just what kind of creature is presently unknown.

The Amphibug is another one of my favorites. It is the only model this week from the 8711 Master Accessory Kit that does not use at least one BOHROK torso piece. In fact, it uses only six pieces total. It also reminds me of David A. Carter's bugs.

Although Bug Week! is just about over, the Bug Week! Contest has only just begun. Be certain to check out all of the other stories this past week for more on how you can enter and what you can win. Forum Link

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