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 April 19, 2004

Bug Week! Part II
Mark: It seems silly to pick favorites among so few MOCs, but the Snout-nosed Beetle above is definitely near the top of my list for this week. I think the reason for that has to do with that cute but worried look on his face as he stares back at me.

The SNB uses three generations of parts: ONUA claws, BOHROK torso pieces, and a RAHKSHI back. The interesting relationship between the parts is the equivalent curvature of the BOHROK torso pieces and the RAHKSHI back. The variation between the parts packed in my kit and those packed in Purple Dave's kit that I took advantage of here are the red TECHNIC balls (replacing some of the grey).

Here is a little bit more about the Bug Week! Contest. There will be three prizes awarded: a First Place prize, a Second Place prize, and a Third Place prize. Later in the week I'll be announcing just what those prizes will be. I will be judging the contest based solely on what I consider to be the best use of the 8711 Master Accessory Kit. Hint: I can tell you that I favor originality.

Presentation is important too. You can have the best MOC in the universe, but if your picture is blurry and against a cluttered background, I may never be able to tell that. Read LEGO Magazine's "cool creations" tips on photographing models for other hints.

You are by no means restricted to bugs. I created bugs because I like bugs and that is the inspiration that struck me. "Bug Week" is just a catchy phrase by which to label the contest. You can make plants, animals, cars, machines whatever your imagination comes up with. The only restriction is that you can only use parts (and the quantities of those parts) that are found in the 8711 Master Accessory Kit. If you don't have an 8711 kit to use, you may use parts from your collection as long as they appear in this parts list. You may substitute up to 16 red TECHNIC balls for 16 of the grey balls if you wish, since that is what came in my kit.

Tomorrow, more about how to enter. Forum Link

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