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 April 18, 2004

Bug Week! and a Contest
Mark: I was wondering what, if anything, could be built using just the 8711 Master Accessory Kit. I don't know about you, but oversized axles and too many TOA chest balls say one thing to me: Bugs!

Considering the number of BOHROK parts in the kit, and also that at one time the codename for the BOHROK was 'B.U.G.S.", it seemed obvious to me that I should use the kit to make some bugs. So that is what I did.

Above you will see the Bulbous-nosed Beetle, the first of seven "Bug Week!" bugs which can all be made at the same time using parts only found in the 8711 Master Accessory Kit. Think you can do better? Of course you can! Now prove it!

I'll be giving away three prizes for the best MOCs created using only parts available in the 8711 Master Accessory Kit. Don't have the kit? Don't sweat it. Use Purple Dave's part list to select parts from your own collection with which to build.

Deadline for entries will by May 29. I'll have more details on the contest as Bug Week! progresses. Forum Link

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