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 April 16, 2004
Mark: Since the codes on the KANOKA disks can be entered into the KANOKA Club for points, it stands to reason that any KANOKA disk you might find in the 8613 KANOKA packs would be a valid code in the KANOKA Club. Thus, if you know how many three-digit codes are valid in the KANOKA Club, you can set an upper-limit on the number of KANOKA disks.

MoD reader Kanoka Counter set out to do just that and reports back that there are only eighty (80) valid three-digit codes out of the 390 possible. At least two of those eighty codes appear to be "exclusives", which means that they have appeared in magazines and should not appear on disks. Many of those codes may be reserved for future "exclusives" too, either in print or special limited-run disks. Of course, it is always possible that new valid codes will be added to the KANOKA Club in the future.

But for the time being, it appears that the number of KANOKA disks is more in keeping with the original run of 72 KANOHI masks than the later, more expansive series of KRANA and KRAATA. Unfortunately for me, it looks like there may be more than the 48 I planned for in my KANOKA disk display:

The above KANOKA display continues my love affair with the X-Large Gray Baseplate as a canvas. I simply use one or two 1x2 gray bricks to connect the KANOKA LAUNCHERS to the baseplate in a 6 x 8 grid, alternating the height so the launchers can overlap slightly. The design can easily accommodate an expansion to 6 x 9, but anything beyond 6 x 10 will require a serious redesign.

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