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 April 7, 2004

Review: BIONICLE: Volume 1
Mark: Assembled together for the first time, DC Comics BIONICLE Issues 1 through 15 are now available as BIONICLE: Volume 1. Unlike the previous compilation book, The Saga of Takanuva (a UK Toys "R" Us limited-edition exclusive), Volume 1 is available through book stores.

There are some trade-offs however. Volume 1 is a paperback with width and height the same as the smaller issues (#10 and #12) of the comics. None of the back pages of the comics are reproduced, and only some of the prologue and center-fold pages have made it into the book. That does not diminish the integrity of the story at all, but you are missing out on some interesting graphics like "BOHROK Emerging".

That said, the emphasis is on the story by Greg Farshtey and the art of Carlos D'Anda and Randy Elliott. It makes me wonder though why both the front and back covers use images that are not from the comics. You most definitely can not judge this book by its cover.

No matter. The comic art is most definitely inside the book. In the case of the fifteen title pages, all of the text has been swept away to reveal the full-page image beneath. Over all of the book, the colors are sharp and vibrant, and the text is legible as well.

There really are no surprises here. For those who are missing any issues of BIONICLE, this is an easy way to find out just what you have been missing. For those who already have all of these issues, this is still a great little reference book.

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