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 April 4, 2004

BioniBulk Pack
Purple_Dave: 2.8 cents. That's about how much you're spending per piece for this set. That's not a bad price, when you consider TAKUTANUVA cost 12.5 cents per piece, and TAHU originally cost a whopping 21 cents per piece. Unfortunately, while the savings are indeed noteworthy, the contents include a lot of pieces that won't be on your Most Wanted List. Also, there are no instructions whatsoever, which is highly unusual for a set this containing this many pieces. Of course, due to the extreme lack of connector pieces, there's not much you can do without borrowing a few pieces from other sets (especially pins and the shorter plus-rods).

I'm guessing the people who arranged the sort for this set wanted to make sure that every single jug would have highly rare parts showing. All twelve bags have at least a couple parts that the average collector is very unlikely to own. Well, all except one. I don't particularly mind, since two of the more useful BOHROK-KAL limbs account for nearly half the bag.

22x black BOHROK limbs
17x white BOHROK limbs
21x tan BOHROK limbs
21x light-grey BOHROK thumb gears

This bag has two more BOHROK-KAL limbs, but red and green ones were not included at all in this set. Oddly, it has three TOA feet. I'm not sure why they put the third one in without pairing it up with a fourth, though.

39x blue BOHROK limbs
11x light-blue BOHROK limbs
12x brown BOHROK limbs
9x light-green BOHROK limbs
3x metallic blue TOA feet

Ironically, while this bag includes two types of PAKARI NUVA and a PROTODERMIC MIRU NUVA, I had exactly two of every PROTODERMIC except the PAKARI NUVA. My favorite portion of this bag is easily the black TOA legs, as I've used over 80 of them so far

7x black PAKARI NUVA
1x brown PAKARI NUVA
23x light-grey BOHROK brain-pans
12x blue BOHROK brain-pans
5x black TOA legs

The more black face-shields I get, the more I want to see them made in trans-yellow. That'd look much better for a Blacktronicle MOC. The odd thing about this bag, though, is the MoLtoran waists. You get light-blue and tan torsos in other bags, but no white ones to go with the waist pieces included in this bag.

5x red TAHU swords
2x red GALI hooks
2x blue GALI hooks
2x light-green ONUA claws
4x PROTODERMIC PAHRAK hand-shields
1x black BOHROK face-shield
1x orange BOHROK skull piece
1x green AKAKU NUVA
1x orange PAKARI
5x white MoLtoran waists
4x light-blue MoLtoran waists
10x light-blue socket joints
10x tan socket joints

Another odd thing is the abundance of RAHKSHI shells, since there are no other RAHKSHI body parts anywhere in this set. Pity, since I could always use more VORAHK heads. The KOHRAK hand-shields should be quite popular, since the only other set that includes them is the SW Hailfire Droid, which costs twice as much (if you can still find it).

10x red BOHROK torso pieces
5x PROTODERMIC KOHRAK hand-shields
5x dark-grey MATATU
3x sand-blue AKAKU
7x tan MoLtoran waists
3x light-blue MoLtoran torsos
1x pearl-white RAHKSHI shell
1x pearl-brown RAHKSHI shell

Um, yippee, more dog-bone gears. Not counting actual BOHROK, like the three Bohrokaments and KUHLOK, I think I've only made one other original creation that uses those, and I've quite possibly got twice as many sitting around unused from BOHROK that I've bought for spare parts. The colored brain-pans are always welcome, and I remember there being a lot of interest in the light-blue NUHVOK hand-shields when the TECHNIC Super Battle Droid came out.

45 light-grey BOHROK dog-bone gears
8x white BOHROK torso pieces
5x light-blue NUHVOK hand-shields
5x green BOHROK brain-pans
2x red BOHROK brain-pans
1x dark-grey BOHROK brain-pans
1x clear/black BOHROK face-shields
3x trans-dark blue KAUKAU
1x blue HUNA

If you missed out on the BAHRAG, here's your chance at those red PAHRAK hand-shields.

7x green BOHROK torso pieces
7x red PAHRAK hand-shields
3x clear/blue BOHROK face-shields
3x pearl-red RAHKSHI shells
6x tan MoLtoran torsos
7x tan POHATU toes
3x dark-orange KAKAMA
1x black KAKAMA NUVA

When I was about half-way through opening these bags and photographing the contents, I was thinking that this would have been a great way to get the Euro misprints out in wider distribution. I swear this is not what I had in mind. Still, the white claws and light-blue hooks should be really popular. There are also seven blue PAHRAK hand-shields to match the ones in the previous bag. Light-grey socket joints are a nice touch, since that's one of the three colors that's been permanently messed up, and this looks to be your last chance to get some in the original color. I must admit that I was a touch annoyed to get more sand-blue socket joints, when the other two MoLtoran-exclusive colors (dark-blue and dark-orange) are the ones I'm most likely to use for anything.

8x black BOHROK torso pieces
7x blue PAHRAK hand-shields
4x white ONUA claws
2x light-blue GALI hook
2x black RURU
9x light-grey socket joints
7x sand-blue socket joints
3x orange socket joints
3x black #6 plus-rods

The dark-grey sockets are also welcome, but it would have been nice to get some more brown ones to go with the greys. And just in case what you got earlier weren't enough, you get four more blue PAHRAK hand-shields, and four more white ONUA claws. TAHU's eyes are the only ones included in this set, but I would have much preferred getting GALI eyes. I can't guarantee that the KRANA will be the same in every set, and I somewhat suspect that they aren't. It just wouldn't seem right, since there isn't a single set in the entire line that comes with fixed KRANA shapes.

6x brown BOHROK torso pieces
4x blue PAHRAK hand-shields
4x white ONUA claws
5x dark-grey socket joints
14x trans-neon red TOA eyepieces
1x dark-grey XA
1x jade-green VU
1x jade-green XA
1x jade-green YO
1x copper BO
1x copper JA
1x copper VU

Oh, look. More blue PAHRAK hand-sheilds. The dark-grey balls mean that the five TOA METRU that don't come with KANOKA are still the only BIONICLE sets that don't include at least one decorated part this year. I actually wish it had been included in an unpainted form, since that piece never has in that color, and now it never will. The light-grey balls should be a huge hit.

4x blue PAHRAK hand-shields
16x light-grey TECHNIC balls
3x dark-grey TECHNIC balls w/ Jabba's Message paint-job
15x black #5 plus-rods
3x steel-blue BO
2x steel-blue CA
1x steel-blue JA
2x steel-blue VU
1x steel-blue SU
1x yellow XA
1x orange ZA
1x purple VU
1x blue JA
1x black SU

More light-grey balls are even better. This is one of the two bags that include BOHROK eyes, but this was a perfect opportunity to release the rarest ones of all: trans-purple (at $30 each, they're far too rare to be usable in any great quantity).

27x light-grey TECHNIC balls
8x dark-grey MoLtoran hips
7x dark-blue MoLtoran hips
5x dark-orange MoLtoran hips
6x trans-dark blue BOHROK eyes
1x pearl CA
1x pearl JA
2x pearl VU
7x black #4 plus-rods

Did I mention that there are light-grey balls in this set? Well, this bag brings the total up to 59, but that's not the best part. Probably the best piece included in this set is the huge stack of PROTODERMIC BOHROK teeth, which were previously either hugely expensive ($60 for one in Shadowstrike S70), or extremely hard to find (three MATORAN-sized NHL sets that aren't listed in the S@H magazine). The really amusing thing is that this is the most economic way to buy them. One of the three NBA sets comes with four, and costs four bucks. This set gets you three free after paying the cost of five of those hockey sets (not to mention the other 494 "free" pieces you get).

9x sand-blue MoLtoran hips
11 trans-light blue BOHROK eyes
16x light-grey TECHNIC balls
2x black #4 plus-rods
2x copper CA
1x copper JA
1x copper VU
1x copper SU
1x copper ZA

From Mark: Thanks to our many readers who wrote in with news about this set, including SpyMagician, Capyberra, Metru Master, and Ero.

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