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 March 28, 2004

Vroom, Vroom, Vroom.

I could have gone the easy route and recopied the original BioCycle design, but I got this idea for doing a quadrunner version. It didn't work out. As I was beginning to scrap the design, I started rebuilding it in the standard style, when I realized that while it was far too long to make a believable quad, it might work as a three-wheeled chopper. After a few weeks of constant tinkering, I finally got a design that I was mostly happy with, though I still prefer the original 2-wheel design.

Unlike the earlier BioCycles, the Rockslide PK, sometimes referred to as a "TrioCycle" is designed purely for functionality. TAKIHI, the driver, is a reclusive PROTODERMIS miner, of a sorts. Rather than digging deep underground for large ore veins, he scours the surface and finds loose exposed crystals to carve free of the landscape.

Nestled between the two rear wheel housings is a small cargo basket, which he currently has filled with nine PROTODERMIC crystals. The lip of the basket has been modified to hold his pickax as he travels across the barren PO-WAHI desert.

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