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 March 16, 2004

The Adventures Continue
Mark: The Scholastic novel BIONICLE Adventures #2: Trial By Fire by Greg Farshtey picks up the story where BIONICLE Adventures #1: Mystery of Metru Nui left off. This story, as with the previous Farshtey novels, is really a story within a story. The vast majority of the action takes place in the past on Metru Nui, but the prologue and the epilogue take place on Mata Nui where VAKAMA is recalling his tale.

The six TOA METRU, having found the six Metru Nui MATORAN who know where to find the Great Disks, set out to do just that. They split up into three teams to search the city: ONEWA and VAKAMA with NUHRII and AHKMOU, NUJU and WHENUA with TEHUTTI and EHRYE, and NOKAMA and MATAU with VHISOLA and ORKAHM. The TOA METRU have brought along the MATORAN both to keep an eye on them and to help find the disks.

Along the way, there is much interpersonal conflict. The bickering threatens to be a greater obstacle in the way of obtaining the disks than any other. That is, until the disks are found. Each of the six Great Disks resides in a place of great peril and difficulty. Rahi, VAHKI, Morbuzakh vines, force spheres all these and more stand in the way of the TOA METRU completing their task.

The action of the book takes place during the same time period covered by Comic #17 and the Lunchables comics. In fact, the book extends beyond that material. Of course, with 136 pages of text, the novel has room to fill in the many holes left open in the comic. For anyone who is left wondering just what was going on in those comics or just wants a little more detail, this book is for you.

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