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 March 15, 2004

In The Grip Of The Morbuzakh!
Mark: Issue #17 of the BIONICLE®: Metru Nui comic, "City of Legends, Part II — Disks of Danger", follows the TOA METRU as they pursue the six Great Disks hidden throughout the city. They have split up into three groups of two TOA METRU, each group accompanied by two Metru Nui MATORAN who know where the disks are. As you can imagine, none of the disks are easy to acquire. It was previously revealed to TOA VAKAMA in a vision that the disks are necessary to defeat the Morbuzakh vines which threaten the city.

The centerfold reveals the names and bios of the combiners for the TOA METRU and the Metru Nui MATORAN. Three are RAHI and the fourth (the Kralhi), made with TOA VAKAMA, TOA ONEWA, and TOA MATAU) is a robotic prototype of the VAHKI. Toward the back of the comic, there is a page of advertisements for the BIONICLE®: Adventures series books and the Mask Of Light movie. The MoL ad reveals the current name of the upcoming movie, BIONICLE® 2: Legends of Metru Nui, and includes a coupon for $3 off MoL on DVD or video.

The inside back cover and previous page include a map of Metru Nui with key locations identified, including the "Canyon of Unending Whispers" in Po-Metru, "The Great Archive" in Onu-Metru, the "Test Track" in Le-Metru, "The Great Furnace" in "Ta-Metru", and the "Fountains of Wisdom" and "The Temple of the Great Spirit" in Ga-Metru. On the back cover is an advertisement for the BIONICLE Mega Lunchables from Oscar Mayer.

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