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 March 15, 2004

LEGO Magazine Reveals Rahi Challenge
Mark: The March 2004 LEGO Magazine features TOA METRU VAKAMA on its cover, but MOCists will most appreciate its building challenge. Build a Rahi from Metru Nui, take a color photograph of it, write an essay of no more than fifty words about it, and then send it all off to the LEGO BIONICLE Rahi Building Challenge for your chance at the Grand Prize of having your creation featured in the November 2004 issue (#21) of BIONICLE, five copies of that issue signed by writer Greg Farshtey and artist Randy Elliott, and all six VAHKI sets. Fifty runners-up will receive a First Prize of all six VAHKI sets.

There is only one entry per person, and you have to get your entry in before May 15, 2004. Be certain to include your printed name, age, complete mailing address, and daytime phone number at the top of your printed essay. Entries will be judged on originality (50%), creativity (25%), and the essay (25%). Send them to:

Rahi Building Challenge
P.O. Box 1625
Enfield CT 06083-1625

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