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 March 8, 2004

Putting The "TRU" In METRU NUI
Purple_Dave: Unfortunately, there aren't really any great spots to get a photo of the complete display, due to the large ferris wheel, elevators, and down escalator all being in the way, so I settled for getting one from each side.

Two of the free-standing shelves have end-caps with clear display cases. One features all six of the METRU MATORAN and the other features the six TOA METRU, all with backgrounds matching their individual METRU style.

On the back wall beneath the title bar were six TOA METRU panels, each featuring a short description of the METRU purpose, and what special functions the TOA METRU tools serve. Sadly, the NUJU and VAKAMA descriptions each feature one grammatical error as well.

On the wall to the right of the TOA METRU panels is one with an extra large map of METRU NUI Island. A few odd geographical features are revealed with this map, such as the fact that the tiny little sun plunges into the PROTODERMIC sea just north of GA-METRU, and that LE-METRU, in addition to being the transport center of the island, has a massive power tap just offshore of the southern tip. We're still waiting to find out what nefarious purpose is behind the secretive theft of power...

In the center of the display area is a life-size fiberglass statue of TOA VAKAMA (identical to the one in the Toy Fair showroom reception area), standing atop what appears to be a KANOKA press.

The KANOKA was supposed to have light, sound, and smoke effects. No smoke effects were present, and I can't remember exactly what it sounded like (it's been a few weeks, but I remember some sort of throbbing hum). The light effect, however, I managed to capture in all of its coolness. Even though it took about twenty shots to get the third image. The disk glows red, and then very briefly flashes blue about once per second. Strangely, just before it flashes blue, it appears to take on a somewhat yellow glow, but I think it's just an optical illusion.

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