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 March 5, 2004

Toy Fair Pt. 17
Purple_Dave: None of the BIONICLE sets seemed really appropriate for EVIL TAHU to pose with, but Vladek has that nifty new red sword, so we heisted it long enough to get this photo, just so you could get an idea how the Knights' Kingdom weapons would look when wielded by a TOA. Granted, this picture wasn't actually taken in the showroom entrance, but this seemed the most appropriate place to include it.

On the way out, EVIL TAHU also posed with one of the lifesize fiberglass VAKAMA statues (there's another one at the Times Square TRU).

Most of the showroom entrance decorations were still there from last year. The bouquet has moved on, along with the receptionist (who has transferred to a different department), and real flowers have taken their place. However, this sculpture of the Harry Potter minifig was another new addition (and I just now noticed that his head seems about 1 stud off-center).

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