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 March 3, 2004

Nacho Ordinary Comic
Mark: As initially announced on The Buzz on, the TOA METRU are invading MEGA Lunchables® in the form of free comics starting this month. I was lucky enough to find one version: Ultimate Nachos with Comic #3 of 3, featuring TOA VAKAMA and TOA ONEWA.

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Each comic is rather small at approximately 4" x 5" (100 mm x 135 mm) and only eight pages (including the cover pages). It looks like Comic #1 features TOA NUJU and TOA WHENUA, leaving TOA NOKAMA and TOA MATAU to Comic #2.

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If you want to know which comic comes in which box, just look at the back. In the lower-left corner, it will say which of the three it is. You can also tell by which TOA METRU is featured on the front.

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The back of the Ultimate Nachos box includes descriptions of the two featured TOA METRU along with some Matoran script. Decipher the script to reveal a question. Within the question, certain letters are set off in a different color. Unscramble the colored letters to reveal the answer to the question. Both the translated question and the unscrambled answer are printed inside the box.

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