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 February 22, 2004

Toy Fair Pt. 5
Purple_Dave: As with all the movie-themed sets, the Spiderman line will be switching over to the new flesh-tone minifigs instead of the old familiar yellow-heads. Also, this theme will be splitting its offerings between the standard minifig scale and the more recent 4 JUNIORS scale.

Dr. Octavius is the villian in the upcoming movie, so it's not surprising that most of the new sets focus on his character. The three minifig sets are Doc Ock's Origins, Doc Ock's Bank Robbery, and Doc Ock's Hideout. The latter comes with four of the new trans-purple flame piece and Harry Osborn, who will probably be making more appearances in a later batch.

Street Chase is the only set in this batch that does not feature Doc Ock at all, but he does show up for Spiderman's Train Rescue, which uses a slammer launcher to propel the train car down the track where you must use a bunch of webs to stop it from crashing.

The 4 JUNIORS sets consist of Doc Ock's Cafe Attack and Street Conflict. Interestingly, the showroom press booklet shows this last set as having the World City helicopter and Spiderman on a blue/red motorcycle, while the final set has a Spiderman helicopter and a cop on a motorcycle.

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