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 February 20, 2004

Toy Fair Pt. 3

I overheard a few of the showroom guides mentioning that the 2004 season is all about the Classic Trilogy due to the upcoming SE DVD release later this year. Well, it's not entirely true, as both the Sith Infiltrator and AT-TE slipped in with the Mini line. The ships are really starting to get bigger, which allows for greater detail in the models, but part of the original appeal of the Mini line was how tiny they could be while still being instantly recognizable. The other major change is the lack of a bonus vehicle that can be built with extra pieces from all four sets.

Repeating a vehicle from the very first batch, Luke's X-Wing gets a major overhaul and Yoda's hut. One major complaint that I've heard about this design is that if you accidentally pull the gear off the back, you have to tear open the entire back end before you can reattach it properly.

This is the second time Luke has been released with a Snowspeeder...and it's still not his. Granted, the orange markings make it more visually appealing, but his had grey markings.

The big news this year is the updated Millennium Falcon, as the original one is currently the most-requested. The original had ANH minifigs, and this one has Hoth-themed ones, though Han was not present with the rest of them.

The other big news is the release of a Cantina playset. Unfortunately, I seem to have missed getting a good close-up shot of that one, but that was about the time I was being consulted on what I'd like to see done with the BIONICLE line, such as what might make a good central playset, so I don't mind so much.

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