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 February 19, 2004
Toy Fair Press Release
Purple_Dave: The BIONICLE legend continues to strengthen, both in terms of consumer interest and product offerings. In 2004, 21 new characters emerge -- some as heroes, some as villains -- all vital to the history and future of the BIONICLE legend...

In the time before time, there exists a vast, utopian metropolis called METRU NUI. In this paradise, MATORAN live and work under the approving gaze of their TURAGA. But in this place of light, a darkness is growing...a black, twisted plant, the MORBUZAKH, has appeared throughout the city, its vines wrapping around buildings and transport tubes. Under the unrelenting pressure of the creepers, even the most ancient and powerful structures on METRU NUI must crumble.

Only the mighty TOA can defend METRU NUI -- but they , along with a majority of the MATORAN, have vanished. Now six MATORAN are gifted with the power of the heroes of METRU NUI. These six -- VAKAMA, NUJU, NOKAMA, WHENUA, ONEWA, and MATAU -- have the strength and stature of TOA METRU, but have yet to master their new power. Still, they know they must act quickly to save their city and their people.

Their sole hope lies with the legendary GREAT KANOKA disks. Disks are used throughout METRU NUI for sport and defense. But the six GREAT DISKS are something special. Legend states that their power, when combined, can defeat the king root of the MORBUZAKH and save the city.

New items in the BIONICLE assortment include six MATORAN priced at $3.99, six TOA METRU priced at $7.99, and six VAHKI priced at $8.99. Additional second-half product releases include deluxe sets of TURAGA DUME and NIVAWK, NIDHIKI, and KREKKA - all priced at $19.99.

Additional history of the BIONICLE legend can be found on

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