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 February 18, 2004

Toy Fair Pt. 2

The NIVAWK bird that's ridden by TURAGA DUME is pretty thin looking, but when you compare it to the size of the previous bird models (quick, can you name all five?), it's actually not all that skinny. The upright stance, the high placement of the wings, and the fact that DUME is about the same width all contribute to the illusion of being very thin. As you can see in the left image, the wings do fold up. Squeezing on the two rubber silver plus-rods on the back will cause the wings to unfold. DUME is the first TURAGA model to be produced in three years, and is the only model built in one of the bright vibrant colors that were abandoned with the METRU NUI pallete. BOHROK limbs instead of the METRUAN limbs provide additional height and a tiny bit more posability, while a unique KANOHI shape cast in a black/red two-tone color lends him some much-needed individuality when compared with the METRUAN design. Seeing how he looks without any of the new gunmetal grey just makes me wish all the more that the METRUAN didn't share a common secondary color, though. I didn't notice any attack mechanisms in this set, unless the NIVAWK is supposed to slash stuff with its wings as it flies past.

NIDHIKI is the big bad-guy set of the year. Featuring a VAHKI head, and claws that actually open and close, he's more than a match for a TOA METRU. In addition to his weapons, he's got some shapeshifting ability. The torso can be rotated down and the head flipped over to make him look more like a scuttling crab, and, while I'm not sure this was ever intended, the legs can be folded up into a shape that looks vaguely like skis. I fully expect this set will come with at least one new KANOKA.

KREKKA, NIDHIKI'S enforcer buddy, leans a bit towards a more traditional mecha style, with a head that looks very cybernetic. The KANOKA launcher is shoulder-mounted, and can be flipped forward from its storage position on the back by actuating the BOHROK gear on the lower back of the torso.

One of the most important new additions to the piece lineup is one that I nearly missed in my inspection. A new socket joint is on the way. Two major differences between this style and the original Y-shaped socket joint are the orientation of the third mounting point (this one extends straight out from the socket rather than running perpendicular to it), and the bands of rubber embedded in the material. I noticed three different styles. The piece shown is dark-blue with a white band and comes on KREKKA. NIDHIKI comes with dark-green ones that have a black band, and NIVAWK has black ones with black bands (thus making them very easy to overlook when doing photography on a time limit).

In addition to the more traditional brick sets, there is a wide variety of non-brick product available. Most of the items on the table have seen wide release already, but the bags on the floor appear to either be new or have seen a very limited release at this point.

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