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 February 17, 2004

Toy Fair Pt. 1

Okay, everyone should have already seen the METRU NUI map before, but for some odd reason, it was shown upside-down in the BIONICLE section. And since all of the METRU MATORAN and TOA METRU have already been reviewed here, complete with much better pictures, they just get group shots here.

Following in the footsteps left by quite a few previous waves, the VAHKI are all built using an extremely standardized design. Some of the interesting bits worth noting are that the original TOA weapon arm makes a strong return (unfortunately, we've already had black, and white is the only old color we get with this piece). The lower leg pieces is the first fat limb piece released so far. At about 4-studs wide, it almost seems better suited to being a torso than an arm. The MoLtoran chest piece has now been made in black, which gets us one step closer to being able to make ONU-MATORAN from that era, but we're still missing green parts. There's a new double-ended ball-hip piece similar to that used on the TOA METRU, but with a wrap-around clip connection instead of a long liftarm-style connection.

The VAHKI design is such that they can walk on four legs (as shown by KEERAKH) or upright, though the weapons make for extremely large forelegs. The head has a disk-launcher built in, with just enough room to grab the back of the actual launch pocket. The showroom models had a highly unusual KANOKA, featuring the KAKAMA logo from McHUKI's disk on a glow-in-the-dark base, something which has never been released.

I spent a few minutes staring at the design on the VAHKI lid as I tried to figure out what could possibly be inserted into the little raised curls on the top. After a while I suddenly noticed the empty void between them, and realized it should hold a KANOKA perfectly. Well, sort of. While we don't know if the final versions are intended to have the solid lock of the TOA METRU can tops, the showroom models, at least, are extremely loose.

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