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 February 11, 2004

BrickTalk: TRU Gets A Makeover
Purple_Dave: Well, okay, it hasn't quite happened yet, but Michael sent me a photo of the new TOA METRU display that will be installed at the Times Square TRU flagship store tomorrow. I've posted two copies of the image. The one on the left is the fullsize image which will have a long download time, and the one on the right is a resized version for those of you who don't want to wait.

Located in the feature area on the lower level, it will include a 6' tall fiberglass VAKAMA statue whose twin is scheduled to be in the Toy Fair showroom next week. Below him is a larger-than-life interactive KANOKA DISK that features lights, sounds, and smoke effects. Large wall-graphics give information on the TOA METRU, and actual models of them will be shown in end-cap displays. If you get a chance to travel near Times Square, this should be well worth the side-trip.

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