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 February 7, 2004

Review: Search For The Seventh Toe, Uh Shoe
Mark: More than just a mask, the TAKANUVA BIONICLE® Shoes by Nike strike gold!

Not content to just issue a new TAKANUVA mask for the old BIONICLE shoes, the old shoes get a golden makeover. Not only do the gold and black go together very well, but the TAKANUVA shoe is the only TOA shoe where the mask color coordinates with the rest of the design. (RAHKSHI shoes are another story. More on them later.)

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In addition to the overall color scheme, the AVOHKII toe masks more closely resemble their plastic counterparts than the other shoe masks do. All things considered, I can easily say that the TAKANUVA shoes are the best looking of all the BIONICLE footwear.

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The shoes have nice touches everywhere. The back pull-tag says "BIONICLE." The double-B BIONICLE logo is embossed in the leather strap. The tread on the bottoms of the shoes sport a LEGO® brick-inspired pattern. And the insides of the shoes are inscribed in the Matoran script, with "FIND THE POWER" in one shoe and "SIX HEROES ONE DESTINY" in the other.

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And speaking of destiny, the inside of each mask also contains a message in Matoran script: "DESTINY". Each is truly a "Mask of Destiny".

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If you look closely at the inside of the right shoe mask, you may note that it is missing part of the letter 'Y'. I do not know if this is an error in the mold or an isolated manufacturing defect or if there is some other explanation. I will let you know if we find out any more about it.

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