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 February 6, 2004

U.F.K. Alert

I'd be much more excited about a new KANOHI pack. Rubber brains and slugs were mildly exciting, but nothing says "BIONICLE" like little plastic masks. The biggest complaint that I have about KANOKA is that they aren't terribly useful for MOC building (certainly not like some of those new KANOHI METRU would be). In their defense, they do have two improvements over the McTORAN disks. The first is that the 3-digit code will both explain the powers possessed by that disk and can be used to unlock special features on the 2004 upgrade to The second is that they are the first glow-in-the-dark pieces ever released in a BIONICLE set (now if we can just get a few GITD eyepieces...).

For storage purposes, the option used by most THROWBOT and ROBORIDER fans is to put them in pocketed coin-collecting pages, which is fine if you're more concerned with being able to admire your collection on a regular basis. If storage space, or you want to store them using a 100% LEGO solution, I just discovered that you can fit a stack of eight KANOKA in an empty KRAATA container. You need to place them face-up so the three protrusions on the underside of the KRAATA lid can lock into the three grooves on the top surface of the disk, and there's just enough room for the lid to be screwed on all the way.

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