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 January 28, 2004

Ancient Ice

I like the look of most of the KANOHI, with all the interesting geometric combinations, but the giganormous eyeport is all wrong. I'm also not sure why a KANOHI of Telekenisis would still be using the motif of the KANOHI of Vision. The little tiny slot for the right eye is actually realistic, as the Eskimos tradtionally used a strap of leather with two tiny slits in it as a early form of sunglasses because it reduces the total amount of light that gets to the eye.

The weapons look decent as ice-cleats, if a little too large, and they have interesting shapes as a weapon, but they don't seem terribly suited to that purpose. All of the pokey bits are in a nice big U-shape that'll go right around your opponent if you smack him in the face with the flat surface, and they don't face the right direction if you attack with the edge.

As odd as it sounds, the slightly blue tint of the gunmetal grey actually does clash a bit with the white parts. The reason for this is that white ABS plastic is never truly white. It has a slightly warm tone to it, and that warm tone doesn't work with the cold tone of the gunmetal grey.

NUJU is built with the tallest configuration, like NOKAMA, with the waist extended two notches and the neck socket mounted vertically instead of horizontally.

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