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 January 26, 2004

Ancient Water

NOKAMA's dark-blue is the only color in the METRU palette that actually looks better with the new gunmetal grey than it would with the classid dark-grey. The odd thing is that they came up with yet another new shade of transparent blue (this makes at least four now) for her KANOHI, when the standard trans-dark blue is a near-perfect match for her main color (the same holds true for trans-red with VAKAMA and trans-green with MATAU). I have to wonder at the purpose of adding this new color now, as her trans-neon orange eyes aren't any more visible through her KANOHI than they are through GALI's. Ironically, this new color is a closer match to GALI's torso than her original KANOHI was.

Her KANOHI is one of the more interesting shapes, looking like a mask that would be worn by someone in a 1950's swamp-monster movie (I always thought the Creature from the Black Lagoon was the coolest looking Universal monster).

The manta-shaped weapons, unlike ONEWA's, turn out to be a lot sturdier than they look like they should be, though they're still not going to be as damage resistant as some of the earlier weapons. The wavey shape of the staff allows it to flex quite a bit without bending. I'm not quite sure what the idea was behind swivel-mounted them to the backs of her hands, but she's quite capable of holding them like traditional axes if you prefer.

NOKAMA is one of the two tallest TOA METRU, with her waist extended two notches from the rest of the torso, and her neck socket mounted vertically instead of horizontally.

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