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Who is your favorite Toa?


 December 28, 2003

Little Green Man

I'd kinda wanted to make a BioniWars MOC based on the Clone Wars cartoon, and I'd also really wanted to do a Yoda-based MOC. When I realized that he wears a brown jumpsuit during the Clone Wars cartoon, I saw the perfect opportunity to do both.

The ears weren't as tricky as I'd originally thought (I've attached things in similar ways before) but the feet were a major challange to be worked out. I tried a few different ideas for how to construct them, but the only way that I found to work still isn't perfect. The soles of his feet aren't perfectly level with each other, so he tends to wobble if placed on a perfectly flat surface. I might look into possibilities on how to mount them assymetrically, since that might give me a bit more room to work with.

I originally was planning to build the lightsaber in a style similar to that of Qui-Gon MatorJinn, but then I realized that with how short Yoda's saber is, I could stick an actual TNG lightsaber blade inside the larger pieces. I also decided to include the cane, as if he's just about to drop it and start whomping on some evil badguy.

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