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Who is your favorite Toa?


 December 27, 2003


Scourge of the dinner table, and bringer of indigestion, EGHNOK rounds out the BOHROKAMENT trio. I'm not sure who originally thought eggs would make a good drink, but I wouldn't be surprised if EGHNOK had a hand in it. It would, of course, be the evil thing to do and all.

I gave him TAHNOK hand-shields as they sorta invoke the image of that crackling winter fire (I suppose they would have been more appropriate for YUHLOK...). I also wanted to do one that had white as a primary color base. Of the three, I think this one came out the best. YUHLOK'S light-green is a bit too understated, and MUHZAK'S red/green mix is a bit too dazzling to the eye, but EGHNOK falls nicely in the middle.

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