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 December 26, 2003

Novi Toy & Hobby Expo, & The CHRONICLER TOOL
Purple_Dave: This weekend I will be displaying again with MichLUG at the Novi Toy & Hobby Expo. My portion of the exhibit will include the newly expanded BioniWars series, the Dragon of Fire and NUI-KAPOWAI dragonfly, all three Bohrokaments, NOAOKE, the three basic BioCycles, both Blacktronicle mechs, and my new Moonbase module.

I also recently received a stock of the elusive CHRONICLER TOOL. Nineteen, to be exact. Whoops, did I say nineteen? I meant nineteen pounds. We have not yet decided how all of these will be distributed, but the first batch will be handed out at the Novi Toy & Hobby Expo. (Don't worry if you can't possibly make it, we should have vast hordes leftover afterwards) Those of you who can will want to head to the Novi Expo Center in Novi, Michigan (11-7 Sat, 10-5 Sun).

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