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 December 25, 2003

Ho Ho Ho!

When the POISONED HAU NUVA came out, it wasn't too long before I was dabbling with the idea of making a Christmas-themed MOC with one. The problem is that it doesn't really lend itself to a cheerful-looking MOC, as it has a somewhat permanent scowl plastered on it (and, after all, this particular KANOHI is meant to represent when TAHU goes psycho on GALI). So I made an evil one.

The true beauty of this MOC is that every single piece involved in the entire construction is some shade of red, green, or white. There are no black or grey pieces involved in any of this construction (yes, I did feel a bit wasteful using a non-black #2 plus-rod to attach the neck to the torso, but I felt it was worth the result). The white half-gears and the white socket joint mounted to the chest are meant to convey a sense of a fur collar. I would have used red limbs if they were available in either the TOA leg or TOA NUVA leg, but the only good piece available was the white TN leg that came with TAKANUVA. Unfortunately, with the switch to darker red and green for the 2004 sets, that doesn't look like it's going to change any time soon. I've never been happy with the look of the TN legs when used as arms, so I added some BOHROK eyes to kind of emulate the look of the MoL muscle pods. The 3-clawed hand design is something that I came up with for a couple earlier MOCs, but it'll be a while before I post either of them. It seemed an appropriate way to finish off this MOC, as it works perfectly with his name.

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