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Who is your favorite Toa?


 December 24, 2003


If there's a song that you absolutely love every time you hear it...he can make it sound like nails on a chalkboard. If there's a song that couldn't possibly sound worse...he'll make it twice as bad as it was, and maybe even a little more. He's MUHZAK, the BOHROK with the power to make any song as enjoyable as a triple root-canal...without any anaesthetic.

Way back when I came up with YUHLOK, I had ideas for how I could make a couple more designs, but I had to wait so long to get the BOHROK-KAL limbs that it just wasn't worth posting them at that time (I mean, c'mon, Christmas in February?). But that's okay, because I then realized I had to wait for the RAHKSHI to come out so I could get the six red hip-joints. But now he's done, and ready to rain pain down upon the world!

I went for a more solid red/green mix than YUHLOK, but it's a bit painful on the eyes (the human eye isn't really suited to viewing certain color combinations side-by-side, and red/green is one such pair). When hanging in ornament mode, the LEHVAK hand-shields work nicely as leaves, possibly from holly, mistletoe, or poinsettia.

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