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 December 6, 2003


Each of the METRU NUI MATORAN, like NUHRII above, comes in a small box familiar in size (5" x 3" x 1", 140 mm x 95 mm x 40 mm) to anyone who has seen a TURAGA or MATORAN box. The images on the front of each box offer up the MNM in various poses, each in his or her own METRU. (A METRU is to METRU NUI much like a borough is to New York City.) The METRU of METRU NUI appear to be divided up much like the WAHI of Mata Nui: GA-METRU is underwater, ONU-METRU is underground, etc.

Perhaps more interesting is the back of each box where we discover that METRU NUI bears more than a passing resemblance to the island of Mata Nui. Click on the image below for a closer look at just the map:


Of course, within the boxes are the sets themselves. And within the sets lie many interesting features. Foremost of these perhaps are the new multi-plastic masks. Using what must be the same process which gave us the POISONED HAU NUVA masks, these MNM sport two-tone masks. Each mask is a greyish silver on top, blending to the primary color at the bottom. The primary color is shared with the torso and the feet. The MNM primary colors Red, Blue, and Green are darker than the corresponding Mata Nui colors, whereas the MNM Brown is a lighter shade.

Although the shapes of the masks are familiar to anyone who has seen the TURAGA, these masks apparently come from a second-generation mold. A comparison with the older TURAGA masks yields interesting but minor differences such as flipped and/or larger part numbers.

Those masks sit on dark grey TOA-style heads, providing the MATORAN true eyes for the first time. Those heads connect to the torso with a blue pin/plus rod connector which enables you to tilt the head to the left or right for those thoughtful poses. Rock them back and forth la the online Flash animations and you can almost hear them talking!

The longest piece in the set is the disk launcher. Our sinister readers will appreciate that the launcher can be used either right- or left-handed, although principally designed for the MNM's right hands. The disks themselves, called KANOKA, are the same shape and size as those disks which came with the original McDonald's MATORAN. Unlike those disks, the KANOKA glow in the dark, have colorful designs which identify the METRU from which they originate, and they also have three-digit codes which will eventually help you access "secret BIONICLE information at".

The large triangular torsos provide six holes with which to connect the shoulders, hips, neck, and "tail". The tail is provided for the MNM to hold their disk launchers on their backs when not in use. Tails can also be used to attach a second torso in back as a back-plate, if so desired.

Gone are the large MATORAN feet of old, replaced with BOHROK feet. Also gone are the large BOHROK arms, replaced by new, smaller 90-degree bent arms which now also double as legs. The overall effect is a much taller, thinner version of the MATORAN. See the image below for a comparison of NUHRII with JALA, JALLER, and TAHU NUVA:

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