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 November 29, 2003

Welcome The Big Red Man!
Mark: TOA VAKAMA greeted me in the mail today on a teaser postcard for METRU NUI. The reverse conveys the following:

In the time before time, there exists a vast, utopian metropolis called Metru Nui. In this paradise, Matoran live and work under the approving gaze of their Turaga. But in this place of light, a great darkness is growing

The fate of the city lies in the hands of six unlikely heroes the Toa Metru. With the fate of the Matoran in their hands, they will have to learn to trust themselves, their powers, and each other.

The time has come to open a new chapter in the legend of BIONICLE. New dangers and new mysteries will be revealed. Prepare to learn more as we journey to Metru Nui, City of Legends.

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