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 November 13, 2003

VAKAMA's Secret
Mark: The full-size BIONICLE Comic Issue #15 finds the inhabitants of Mata Nui at a pause as they prepare to journey to a new land. VAKAMA imparts a cautionary lesson of never underestimating the enemy by telling the story of the TOA NUVA versus the RAHKSHI KAITA.

The real secrets are revealed in the advertisements though. The center spread spotlights the six new Metru Nui MATORAN: AHKMOU, EHRYE, NUHRII, ORKAHM, TEHUTTI, and VHISOLA. There is also information on the MATORAN's KANOKA disks, including the return of "special codes" to access "secret BIONICLE information." These sets should be available in December of this year.

The SHADOW KRAATA make a brief appearance in VAKAMA's story and also in an ad near the back cover. "Look for them in specially marked Rahkshi packages in Target stores this December!" it proclaims.

Continuing the tradition of shadowy images of the future, the back cover features a sihouette with glowing eyes. Judging by the Matoran text running down the left side, this must be VAKAMA!?.

Also advertised but not pictured here are the Mask of Light movie (accompanied by a $2.00 coupon for the DVD) and the Colgate BIONICLE toothbrushes. The magazine has little to offer in the way of BIONICLE news, but it does feature BIONICLE: The Game in its video game news and it also has TAKANUVA as its featured clubshop set.

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