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 October 22, 2003

"BIONICLE: The Saga Of Takanuva"
Mark: This UK Toys "R" Us exclusive book is well worth the 9.99 price, not so much for the exclusive content, but just for the glorious color (or, in this case, colour)! The comics reproduced here have never looked better. And in the case of comics #10 and #12, never this big before.

As far as that exclusive content goes, you will be treated to a glimpse "Behind The Scenes of BIONICLE: The Game", witness "The Birth Of A Comic Cover", and go "Behind The Scenes Of The Movie BIONICLE: Mask Of Light". These exclusive stories don't really go beyond a page in length each, but are enjoyable nonetheless.

Note: In addition to purchasing outright, the book was also available for free with a 30 or greater purchase of BIONICLE sets.

Many thanks go to my friend James for providing me the book!

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