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 October 15, 2003

Lead Me To Your Taker

Does anyone else find it disturbing that entire armies are sent into battle under the command of leaders who, quite literally, have yellow bellies? Geez, no wonder why they're always losing.

The torso required a slight tweak to allow for the yellow belly, and it's extremely fortunate that the #3 angle connector sticks out at just the right angle to form the front half of the neck. This is the only BatToa Droid whose "ears" don't flop, since there wasn't any other way to make them yellow at the tips. Also, like the original BatToa Droid, I had to limit it to one antenna because two of them just looks silly.

The aesthetics of the binocs kind of break down when viewed by themselves, since I had to leave gaps in the sides for the hands. Even more unfortunate, the wrists aren't quite flexible enough to allow the eyepieces to line up with the eyes.

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