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 September 16, 2003

A Hero Will Be Revealed
Purple_Dave: Issue #14 of the BIONICLE comic features a foil cover depicting TAKANUVA standing on a rocky outcropping, and a huge image of the AVOHKII MASK OF LIGHT behind him. Considering what happens inside, it's only fitting that this issue receive such special treatment.

Without going into a huge amount of details, this issue runs concurrent to the MoL movie, and mostly focuses on what happens to the TOA when they're offscreen. By the end of the comic, TAKANUVA is revealed (as if you couldn't guess that from the cover) and sets off for the final confrontation from the which point it suggests that maybe you should go watch the movie, since the next issue will apparently start up post-MoL.

In the center two-page spread, there are images and descriptions of the four major summer sets, a reminder that the SEARCH FOR THE 7TH TOA contest is still running (it ends October 31st, if you haven't submitted you entry yet)...and the first image of the long-rumored promotional purple SHADOW KRAATA. It appears to be formed in a mix of dark and light purple, and looks exceptionally cool. Furthermore, within the comic itself, you find out exactly what additional power they hold, and what part they play in the official storyline. Those who jump through the appropriate logic hoops will realize that we've actually seen them somewhere else already...

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