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 July 30, 2003

Wheel Of Misfortune

When I first figured out how to make the BatToa Droid, my mind immediately went to the problem of building a "DroiToaka" DesToayer Droid. Ironically, while the BatToa Droid is too large when compared to the rest of the BioniWars series, the DroiToaka is considerably smaller than it should be.

As is tradition with brown TOA torsos, this one is inverted, which results in a large roundish shape where the hip pod is supposed to be, and a convenient, if not very accurate, mounting point for the head shell.

There are a few changes I'd like to make, if the right pieces ever become available. I'd like to color-correct the guns and the mount for the third eye, and if #4 angle-connectors ever become available in brown I'll probably redesign the head shell.

Unfortunately, with the current construction, the DroiToaka does not roll up into a disc, but with a couple temporary tweaks to the design I think I might be able to pull it off.

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