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 July 29, 2003


I made R2A-D2A, so I figured it would make sense to make a certain tall, gold, and fussy droid to hang out with him, so I played around with the idea and did some fairly extensive design work. Unfortunately, a few key pieces haven't been made in the right colors yet. So I built this as a substitute. Being a big fan of the Star Wars bounty hunters, I happen to know that 4-LOM's body is an exact duplicate of C-3PO's body, so I just copied the body design over, and that just left the head to deal with.

Part of the inspiration for actually doing this was to use up two more of my horde of spare trans-blue RURU, but after building about half of the head I remembered that 4-LOM has green eyes. Fortunately, the metallic green KRANA-KAL are just the right shade of green, and the XA have a fairly decent bug-eye shape when viewed from the right angle. I had to cheat a bit on the rest of the head. While the eyes are firmly attached to the neck, the entire center wafer is essentially floating loose between them. The two outer probosces are attached through a very unorthodox manner, and I can guarantee you'll never see that sort of construction used on an official model. The end result is a rather flattish version of the 4-LOM head, but it fits fairly well within the rest of the series.

For the gun, I used a modified version of the DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle that I made for the white-pauldroned SandToaper. A little repositioning of the pieces in the barrel allows 4-LOB to hold it in much the same manner as 4-LOM held his in TESB.

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