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Who is your favorite Toa?


 July 27, 2003
San Diego Comic-Con
Purple_Dave: San Diego Comic-Con has the enviable distinction of being the first BIONICLE showing at a major convention that's open to the public. While MaskofDestiny wasn't able to be in attendance, we were able to get some freelance coverage from Philip Wise and Mark Hurray of

Here you can see someone taking care of a few last minute setup details before the convention opens.

The table features a full battle scene on a custom hand-carved foam display base. Character models are mounted to it using TECHNIC bricks that are screwed to the base.

Next we have shots of TAKANUVA and MAKUTA facing off against each other and standing alone. On the right is an image of TAKANUVA'S steed, with a clear view of the dark-grey HAU that I mentioned during my Toy Fair coverage.

Off to the side of the battle display are the various MATORAN models, including the star of MNOLG2, HAHLI, who was not present in the showroom at Toy Fair this year.

Greg Farshtey was there to sign various items (here he's seen awaiting the crowd's arrival), including the alternate cover reissue of the #1 comic, though the cover artist apparently never showed up.

One of those pesky kids from the Toy Fair showroom snuck in here as well, and poor TAHU was too busy fending off the giant TURAHK to shuffle him off to another booth.

They wouldn't let us photograph it five months ago at Toy Fair, but here's the DVD cover (far left). Around the booth there were some large banners featuring, amongst other things, TAHU NUVA wielding a flaming MAGMA SWORD, TAKANUVA holding up his own weapon, and an alcove containing both story text banners and a widescreen TV running clips from the upcoming MASK OF LIGHT movie.

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