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 July 24, 2003

Review: BIONICLE CHRONICLES #3: Makuta's Revenge
Mark: Makuta's Revenge does not veer off of the tried-and-true formula of the two previous books: retell the story, flesh it out some, and keep the TOA NUVA immersed in action. This installment offers some serious bonuses though.

Ever wonder where and how TAHU/TAHU NUVA gained the VAHI (the Mask of Time)? Wonder no longer because it is in here.

With the TOA NUVA's symbols stolen, some of the MATORAN and TURAGA get their chance in the spotlight. Up until this book, the storys' focus had been almost exclusively on the TOA. The TOA NUVA remain the center of the story though as they seek to restore their powers and keep the BOHROK-KAL from freeing CAHDOK and GAHDOK, the BOHROK QUEENS.

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