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 July 21, 2003
All The Colors Of The Rainbow

L-R: black/red, black/orange, black/yellow, black/copper, black/bronze

L-R: red/blue, red/jade, yellow/lime, yellow/copper, yellow/bronze

L-R: lime/iron, green/tan, green/jade, copper/bronze

L-R: iron/steel, iron/jade, steel/jade, steel/pearl

I photographed all of these in pairs, since all of the secondary KRAATA have matched opposites, with the head and tail colors reversed. There are 18 color pairs, resulting in 36 color combinations, and a total of 216 secondary KRAATA. Some colors (like black and jade) are used quite extensively, while others (like tan and pearl) are only used in one color pair. Personally, I would have preferred to see maybe a black/purple pair, or possibly a yellow/purple pair. Copper/purple and bronze/purple would have looked nice. Red/purple would work as well. Something approaching the color scheme of the INFECTED HAU would also be pretty cool.

L-R: copper/red TURAHK, iron/grey VORAHK, bronze/tan PANRAHK

L-R: steel/blue GUURAHK, jade/lime LERAHK, pearl/white KURAHK

Now here's the tricky part. In 42 pods, there were seven color combinations that I did not pull. One of them was the yellow head w/ black tail (At present, I've still only got the one I received in my press kit preview pod), and the other six were the basic RAHKSHI KRAATA. I'm not positive if this means they will not be available in the KRAATA pods yet, but if it does, that will seriously hinder a lot of people in their quests to collect a full set. Also, there do not appear to be any color opposites for the standard RAHKSHI KRAATA. I have not found any, and these six color combos bring the total up to 42, for a grand total of 252 KRAATA, which is what we've been told to expect at this time.

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